Welcome to my website

Thank you for choosing to spend time in my company. I believe you will find all the information you desire here including news and
some quality time with music, my medium to reach out and please all generations of listeners.

2014 is the Year of Czech Music, where we celebrate important anniversaries of the biggest Czech composers: Bedřich Smetana,
Antonín Dvořák, Leoš Janáček, Vítězslav Novák and others. I love playing their music and I will coninue to represent it with dignity, both home and abroad.

I am looking forward to seeing those of you who will attend some of my concerts this year. Your interest, applause and smiles are my
inspiration and dearest reward.

Pavel Šporcl


...Šporcl played with gentle lyrics and impressive virtuosity



Intelligence, musicality and virtuosity - Šporcl has it all

(Classics Today)

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