For many years I have been trying to expand the boundaries of classical music to the widest spectrum of listeners. Also, I have tried taking a new approach towards things which have been surrounding us for centuries. That is why I asked the best violin maker in the Czech Republic Jan Špidlen ( to build a violin for the new milennium.


- Violin maker Jan Baptista Špidlen.
- Built in 2005
- The wood comes from the old family timber stock of the maker´s grandfather Otakar F. Špidlen, it was about 50 years old and originated from Bosnia (maple) and Dolomits (spruce).

- Profile with shorter corners, narrower and thinner ribs, slightly bigger f-holes, plumbs embedded in the scroll – all for enhancement of sound.
- Titanium screw inside the nose of the neck – adjustable preload against the malformatiom caused by time or climate changes. 
- Carbon fibre on the bass bar for extension of durability.
- Scroll  - purely esthetic part of the violin, where the violin maker can apply his artistic ambitions. The author stuck to the traditional spiral.
- Blue color – on my request, a new approach versus tradition, a symbol of rebellion against rules and conventions.

I first introduced this amazing instrument to the public during the 2006 Dvořák Tour.