March 13, 2014 Czech Violin Virtuoso to Perform in Jakarta

Czech Republic’s favourite musician Pavel Sporcl will play in a concert organised in cooperation of the Embassy with Gedung Kesenian and Indonesia Opera Society.

Pavel Sporcl&rsquo;s virtuosity and stirring performance earn him the admiration and recognition of the professional public, while his image and opinions attract the attention of the media. Thanks to this combination he tirelessly and successfully engages in the propagation of classical music, able to reach a wide range of listeners and especially young audiences.<br /> <br /> Born in 1973, he studied at the Prague Conservatory and then in the USA at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Brooklyn College and the Juilliard School in New York. Soon he has become a frequent guest in the prestigious concert halls of Europe, the USA, Canada and Japan and a regular participant at the Prague Spring Festival and other major music festivals in Austria, Germany and France.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> He works with a number of orchestras and renowned composers both in the Czech Republic and abroad. Each of his recordings of Paganini, Vivaldi, Piazzolla, Dvoř&aacute;k, Tchaikovsky, a collection of Czech composers and gipsy tunes has earned him both glowing reviews and local market sales awards. His extensive repertoire includes over 45 violin concertos as well as countless sonatas, chamber works and virtuoso pieces.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Pavel &Scaron;porcl&rsquo;s preferred instrument is a violin he commissioned from the prominent Czech violin maker Jan B. &Scaron;pidlen. Built in 2005, the instrument of a distinct blue colour contains a number of technical innovations that focus on improved sound and stability and is sometimes called the violin of the new millennium.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Pavel &Scaron;porcl is coming to Indonesia, accompanied by pianist Petr Jiř&iacute;kovsk&yacute;, himself an accomplished musician and conductor. He, too, started his studies at the Prague Conservatory and continued in Paris and Vienna. His performances as a pianist have earned him international acclaim, he has played at top concert venues of four continents including the Kennedy Center in Washington or Suntory Hall in Tokyo. He has also performed at various music festivals in Europe and Japan and with prominent orchestras. His long-time cooperation with Pavel &Scaron;porcl produced numerous concerts and award-winning recordings.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> The violin recital of Pavel &Scaron;porcl, accompanied on piano by Petr Jiř&iacute;kovsk&yacute;, will take place at Gedung Kesenian Jakarta on Wednesday, 26th March 2014 at 8:00 p.m. The programme will include a number of well-known masterpieces for violin together with a selection of compositions by Czech violin masters. Tickets priced Rp. 75.000 &ndash; 100.000 are available at Gedung Kesenian Jakarta.&nbsp;

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